In 1966, Laura Bisquertt receives the Santa Laura estate from her father, who had purchased it in 1928. Between 1966 and 1971, Laura’s husband, Alejandro Hartwig Carte manages the estate by farming traditional crops and running a dairy farm. After relocating to Canada for a decade and with multiple trips to the United States and Europe, Alejandro becomes a great wine enthusiast and connoisseur. He recognizes North America’s growing demand for classic French wine varietals. He decides to take advantage of the excellent weather conditions of the Colchagua Valley, Chile and the increasing appetite for wines from the New World. He develops what he refers to as his retirement project.

One of the main factors that make the Colchagua Valley so well known for its high quality wine is its weather. There are four well defined seasons throughout the year. The influence of sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean and the winds from the Andes mountain range make the Colchagua Valley an ideal location for growing grape vines. The large temperature variations promote the buildup of aromatic and color compounds on the berries, which in turn result in high quality wines.

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