Gimenez Riili is a boutique family winery located in the Uco Valley of Mendoza, Argentina. It is focused on producing high-end wines by means of vineyard management. It was the first winery to be setup in the Vines of Mendoza winemakers’ village, a collection of boutique wineries with the most influential winemakers in Argentina. It has become a premier wine tourism destination in the Uco Valley. Since 1920, the family has owned vineyards and produced wines in Mendoza. Today, the winery and vineyards are managed by the third generation. It is one of the few wineries run by a family in Uco Valley.

The Giminez Rilli winery is owned and managed by Pablo, Federico and Juan Manuel Gimenez Riili, three of the five sons of Eduardo Gimenez and Susana Riili. The winery has a production capacity of 200,000 liters. The vineyards are located in Maipu, Uco, La Rioja Famatina Valleys. The Gimenez Riili family are winegrowers and continually explore better enological practices. We integrate traditional winemaking techniques with modern technology.

Their mission is to share its ninety-year history and our passion for producing high-end wines with sound vineyard management. Our limited wine production is aimed at capturing and sharing the history of a place, a family and its love for wine.

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